Monday, 22 September 2008

Update (two-month follow-up)

It'll never be too late to join in - click here to answer our 'risk' question.

Since our sign-off from CALM2008, Eleanor and I took much-needed summer breaks, though we still managed to discuss the kinds of engagement and experiences that may further emerge from what was powerful and thought-provoking for all concerned - and for many who experienced the photo-postcard outputs of Jamie, Jamie, Nicole and Adam's work (for evidence, take a look at the comments at the first link, above). Currently, we are seeking funding for project work that will allow for more in-depth visual and textual narrative work, based around the lives and experiences of other individuals and groups in Stoke-on-Trent and North Staffordshire. Whilst this is no easy task, we hope that the key of our thoughtful approach will fit the lock of some organization's desire for arts, cultural, social, community and intellectual stimulation - to name but five. We feel good about where this work is taking us and what it's doing for the people that we're engaging with along the way (including those who help out with our informal research, piloting of ideas and questions - pertinent and impertinent).

As a clear pathway emerges, we will create a new webspace to document that. In the mean-time, we have a catch-up with Jamie, Jamie, Nicole and Adam to arrange - they'll be wondering what comes next, as are we.

Thursday, 10 July 2008

Update (one week follow-up)

It is just over one week since we launched the CALM2008 distributed exhibition of 100 enveloped photographic artworks.

You can read about our approach here. Individual images can be viewed here:

Images 01 – 10 Images 11 – 20 Images 21 – 30 Images 31 – 40

Images 41 – 50 Images 51 – 60 Images 61 – 70 Images 71 – 80

Images 81 – 90 Images 91 – 100

Early feedback has been overwhelmingly positive. We really are honoured, humbled and touched to have received such fantastically open responses to our risk enquiry. To read these and to join in and add your own response, click here.

On Monday 14 July, the CALM2008 team of Jamie, Jamie, Nicole, Adam, Eleanor and I will meet up to review and discuss possible next steps for this work.

Forthcoming for this blog:-

Scanned handwritten response postcards (to be added to the comments page)

Testimonies page

Next steps

Wednesday, 2 July 2008

Images 01 - 10

#01 Together (Ball Green Primary School):

#02 Grip (Studio sesion, Stoke College):

#03 Exit (Jamie H., James Brindley Science College):

#04 Cooking (Dinner lady, James Brindley Science College):

#05 Conference (Jamie H. and Adam D., Ball Green Primary School):

#06 Aim (Mrs Cowan, Studio session, Stoke College):

#07 Hidden (Ball Green Primary School):

#08 Fence (Ball Green Primary School):

#09 Light (Jame Brindley Science College):

#10 Corked (Exhibit, Potteries Museum and Art Gallery):

Images 11 - 20

#11 Paint (Ball Green Primary School):

#12 Sir (Jamie T. capturing Mr Gold, James Brindley Science College)

#13 Bounce (football at Staffordshire University):

#14 Zoom (Nicole W. at Trentham Lake):

#15 Marked (Interior wall, James Brindley Science College):

#16 Hoop (Basketball hoop, James Brindley Science College):

#17 Sun (Jamie T., James Brindley Science College):

#18 Plush (Jamie T., Wayne T. and Nicole W., The Leopard, Burslem):

#19 Silence (James Brindley Science College):

#20 Shrug (Nicole W., Portraits session, James Brindley Science College):

Images 21 - 30

#21 Boarded (James Brindley Science College):

#22 Lob (Jamie H., football at Staffordshire University):

#23 Walkway (James Brindley Science College):

#24 Bare (The Leopard, Burslem):

#25 Glow (Door handle, James Brindley Science College):

#26 Close (Jamie T., Burslem Martial Arts Centre):

#27 Sleepy (Lisa Wetton's dog, Physically Speaking Dance Studio, Tunstall):

#28 Floating (Halls of residence, and football, Staffordshire University):

#29 Iron (Burslem Martial Arts Centre):

#30 Deputy (Mr Rowe, Portrait session, James Brindley Science College):

Images 31 - 40

#31 Decay (Wayne T., Nicole W. and Jamie T., The Leopard, Burslem):

#32 Sunshine (Trentham Lake):

#33 Office (Mrs Lovatt, CALM Unit, James Brindley Science College):

#34 Faded (The Leopard, Burslem):

#35 Hooded (Jamie H., Ball Green Primary School):

#36 Options (James Brindley Science College):

#37 Kick (Simon McGovern, McGovern Gym Academy, Tunstall):

#38 Bags (Burslem Martial Arts Centre):

#39 Weight (Adam D., Burslem Martial Arts Centre):

#40 Dig (Archeological dig, Burslem):

Images 41 - 50

#41 Stretch (Jamie T., football at Staffordshire University):

#42 Red (football shirt, Trentham Lake):

#43 Opportunistic (Mrs Hurst (l), Mrs Brereton (c), Eleanor B. (r), Portraits session, James Brindley Science College):

#44 Relaxed (Nicole W. and Adam D., Trentham Lake):

#45 Humble (Jimmy Cairns, writer, speaking to young man):

#46 Key (Upright piano, James Brindley Science College):

#47 Downed (Adam D. and Jamie T., Burslem Martial Arts Centre):

#48 Pollock (Ball Green Primary School):

#49 Chipped (Exhibit, Potteries Museum and Art Gallery):

#50 Display (Hedonism Body Piercing, Hanley):